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WorkLink Solutions Corporation is a Total Workplace Health Consulting and Training firm specializing in Ergonomics Consulting, Return to Work Planning, and Comprehensive Disability Management Services.  A customized approach is utilized for each referral or project scenario and Heidi Petro’s 20 year work experience providing these professional services has enabled her to amass a wealth of knowledge surrounding complicated employment, return to work and disability-based insurance situations.
Heidi Petro , R. Kin., CCPE
Heidi Petro , R. Kin., CCPESenior Consultant
Physical Demands Analysis 98%
Case Management 92%
Return to Work Consultation 94%
Medical Restrictions Review 95%
Ergonomic Assessment 96%
Workplace Education 85%
Project Management 89%

Our Principal Consultant

Heidi Petro is a Senior Consultant and principal of WorkLink Solutions, a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario and a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist.  She been developing, monitoring and evaluating therapeutic rehabilitation programs as well as performing Functional Capacity Evaluations, Physical Demands Analysis, Ergonomic Assessments (including Workplace Design collaboration), Return to Work Coordination, and Disability Management throughout her 20+ year work history.

Heidi graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s of Human Kinetics, Honours Movement Science degree and has continued to pursue certifications in the areas of Industrial Job Analysis, Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics, Functional Assessment, and Office and Industrial Ergonomics.

Heidi’s professional reports have been utilized in Insurer mediations, WSIB and WSIAT proceedings, and Labour and Human Rights arbitrations.  She has also been qualified as an expert witness during proceedings in these various forums.

Heidi has been a speaker at numerous professional conferences and seminars that have provided Human Resources and Health and Safety professionals with education regarding the development of best practice Disability Management and proactive Return to Work Programs.  Heidi has provided support and Project Management services to Employers in a wide variety of private industrial, office and public sector environments.  She has actively provided consultation in managing complex Return to Work Programs that has been instrumental in returning injured Workers back to productive and value added work within their transitional or permanent medical restrictions.

Heidi has worked with Mechanical and Industrial Engineers in many industrial settings providing lead consultation on the development of Ergonomic Workplace Design Standards, Ergonomic Workplace Design and Retrofit.  Her collaborative interventions and solutions have benefited both Employers and Workers by reducing Worker exposure to physical ergonomic risks, and improving the overall health and safety, efficiency and productivity at individual and assembly line workstations.

Heidi’s extensive experience providing complex Medical and Rehabilitation Case Management services for third party Insurers has proven beneficial for all stakeholders and she has been able to assist Clients in achieving optimal recovery, in addition to monitoring the cost-effectiveness and benefit of various rehabilitation interventions.  Personal Injury Legal Representatives also find Heidi’s experience and knowledge beneficial in assisting their Clients with navigation of medical and rehabilitation systems, and preparing for tort litigations.

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