WorkLink Solutions Corporation’s list of services are as varied as the sources that request them. Our Senior Consultant, Heidi Petro, has amassed years of experience engaging with a variety of referral sources across many different occupational and insurance sectors.  This has allowed her to develop a wealth of knowledge in helping determine the right service for the specific need of Worklink’s client base.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) Report

A Physical Demands Analysis is a worksite assessment that provides an objective description and quantification of essential job demands. It documents and describes in detail the physical requirements of the job and notes the workplace expectations of that job.

PDAs play a central role in effective Case Management and developing realistic, safe and appropriate Return to Work goals. PDAs are used for comparison to worker functional capacities, medical restrictions and for Return to Work coordination and planning. A thorough, concise PDA can be used to clarify initial disability entitlement issues, provide structure to the rehabilitation process and ensure appropriateness of work duties. Additionally, a PDA can be used in conjunction with pre-placement screening at the time of hiring a new employee to ensure that a new employee demonstrates the physical capacities expected with the workplace environment.

Ergonomic Assessment Reports and Consultation Services

An Ergonomic Assessment is a comprehensive and objective assessment of a job, identifying risk factors that may contribute to the development of a physical injury, or aggravation of a pre-existing condition. Professionally recognized protocols and assessment tools are utilized to conform to accepted industry standards. Ergonomic Assessments can be performed both proactively and reactively, depending on specific needs.

Proactive Ergonomic Assessments and Consultation Services are used to ensure appropriate workplace design with the goal of reducing or eliminating worker exposure to identified physical risk factors.  The assessment and services are performed during a pre-launch phase and involve the collaborative approach of a Company’s internal design team which could include Industrial and Mechanical Engineers, and Health and Safety Professionals.  Corporate Ergonomic Design Standards can be jointly developed with the in-house team to assist in future planning to ensure that design is centered on human factors.

Reactive Ergonomic Assessments and Consultative Services are used after reports of physical discomfort or injury claims have occurred, and to assist with Case Management and Return to Work Coordination.  The goal of these assessments and services is to reduce or eliminate a Worker’s exposure to physical risk factors that could be contributing to the development of, or aggravation of, an injury and/or to ensure that medical restrictions are able to be accommodated with ergonomic retrofits or assistive devices.

Medical Restriction Review with Job Match Report

This type of professional report is typically used to support Return to Work Coordination or comprehensive Case Management Services.  This report format focuses on a review of medical documentation regarding transitional or permanent restrictions combined with either a worksite visit to document job demands, or the review a professionally written Physical Demands Analysis. A comparison is made to determine if a suitable work match is available for the worker based upon the identified medical restrictions. Recommendations can be provided regarding any ergonomic retrofit or assistive devices that could enhance the suitability of the job demands.

Return to Work Coordination Services

These customized services could include meeting with the Employer, the Worker, and Physicians, or other Health Care Professionals to develop a Comprehensive Return to Work Plan that is medically supported and provides clear objectives and responsibilities. Monitoring the Return to Work Plan to ensure all parties adhere to the agreed upon directives can also be requested and leads to more positive outcomes for all parties since the communication pathways remain open and objective, with the focus of continuous progression.

Case Management Services

Customized and Comprehensive Medical and Rehabilitation Case Management Services can be provided for catastrophic and non-catastrophic motor vehicle accident and workplace and non-occupational injuries to ensure appropriate rehabilitation interventions are provided including diagnostic testing, treatment, consultation and assessment. Case Management Services focus on the coordination of rehabilitation efforts and the facilitation of communication between various Health Care Providers and the Employer and/or the Legal Representatives to maximize rehabilitation outcomes and a return to function.

Project Management Services

Customized Comprehensive Project Management Services can include; Workplace Disability Management Program review, Management Team review, coordination with Employment or Disability Management Legal Consultants, Joint Health and Safety Committee support, Joint Return to Work Committee review, Policy and Procedure review, preparation of Project Management Solution Reports, and implementation of these solutions with integrated creation of customized programs and documents unique to the Employer.  Heidi Petro has successfully managed large-scale projects (both on-site and remotely) that have resulted in improved cost containment for occupational and non-occupational Disability Management Programs unique to each Employer’s operational needs.

Workplace Education Services

Worklink Solutions can design a custom services program with educational materials covering a variety of topics. Various formats such including, lunch and learn style, lecture style, and on-location style with less or more formality and testing can be developed based on the Employer’s unique operational and educational needs.

No cookie cutter approach or generic recommendations

Central to Heidi’s professional philosophy and an integral key to her success is the focus on listening and taking the time to gather information from the onset of a referral or service request. There is no cookie cutter approach or generic recommendations, because every situation is different and requires attention to detail to optimize the potential for success.

The Experience to Make Your Workplace Wellness Programs Excel.

WorkLink Solutions Corporation is a Total Workplace Health Consulting and Training firm specializing in Ergonomics Consulting, Return to Work Planning, and Comprehensive Disability Management Services.  A customized approach is utilized for each referral or project scenario and Heidi Petro’s 20 year work experience providing these professional services has enabled her to amass a wealth of knowledge surrounding complicated employment, return to work and disability-based insurance situations.

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